Hall of Fame – Doug Smith (2015)

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Doug Smith

Naperville North, Woodstock, Monmouth
Inducted 2015

Doug Smith 2015
Doug Smith has been a member of the Illinois Athletic Directors Association for the past 31 years. Beginning in 1984, Doug was the Athletic Director at Monmouth High School for 5 years, at Woodstock High School for 14 years, and at Naperville North for 8 years. Doug also spent some time coaching previous to his Athletic Director positions. He was the head freshman football coach at East Peoria as well as the head freshman and sophomore baseball coach for five years, beginning in 1979. During Doug’s 29 years as an Athletic Director, he started athletic hall of fames at 3 different high schools to recognize athletic achievement and create community pride.Retired Athletic Director, Washington Bush, stated that “Doug is a dedicated professional who devotes countless hours and energy into bettering the opportunities for student-athletes across the state of Illinois”. Doug served the IADA in a number of different roles. He was the Membership Chairman from 1987-1991. He served as President of the IADA from 1992-1993. Doug was honored with the Class AA Outstanding Athletic Director of the Year award for 1993-1994. He was the Director of the IADA Mentoring Program from 2001-2002. Doug was a Co-Creator of the Illinois Athletic Director’s Association Hall of Fame. Throughout his 31 years as an IADA member, Doug completed 27 LTI classes and taught 25 LTI classes.Doug has also been a member of the NIAAA since 1984. Since then, he has served as the NIAAA Liaison for Illinois from 1988-1991, served as an NIAAA Credentials Committee Member from 1995-1998, and served as Chairman of the NIAAA Credentials Committee from 1999-2002. Doug is on the National LTI faculty and is co-chair of LTI 608 since 2009. Doug was an NIAAA Board Member from 2006-2008, and has been a speaker at 4 NIAAA conventions. In 2013, Doug was honored with the Section IV NIAAA Frank Kovaleski Award.

One of Doug’s most impactful contributions to Illinois athletics includes the founding of the Hoops for Healing cancer program and tournament in 2001. This tournament was designed to aid and assist cancer victims and families, and has raised over 250,000 dollars for cancer research since its start. Funds raised from this program go to totally funding Camp Hope, a summer camp for children of cancer patients.

Tom Gillhouse, retired Athletic Director, said “When you step away from the day to day expectations of this job and look back, the ability to positively impact the lives and athletic experiences of the students and your coaches is really all that matters. In this regard, Doug has set the standard”.

Doug Smith’s commitment to the athletic programs at Monmouth, Woodstock, and Naperville North, and his numerous contributions to the IADA helped pave the way for his selection as a member of the Illinois Athletic Director Association Hall of Fame.