Head Wrestling/Assistant Wrestling

Posted On: Mar 1st, 2018
Antioch Community High School, Antioch
Steve Schoenfelder
Job Description :


Antioch Community High School will have at least one opening in its wrestling program next year.  This could be a head or assistant position.    Our current head coach is retiring from education, but would be willing to stay around in some capacity for two more years.  This gives us a few options from hiring a head coach to hiring a younger coach and allowing him to take an underclass group through for a couple of years and then take over the program.  We could end up with a second opening also.  We know we will have at least one social studies opening.  We should know in another week if that will be two.  We will have a special education opening that we will interview for once our new special education director is hired, probably after spring break.  We also have an English teacher that could possibly be moving out of state.


My principal is looking for me to find applicants so we know how we need to move forward.  If you have someone who might be interested in Special Education or Social Studies, they can send me a resume and should apply on our district web site  www.chsd117.org.  If you know of an interested English candidate, please have them send me a resume.


We are in Class 2A.  We have won regionals 6 out of the last nine years, advancing to the state dual meet 5 of those years.  We have been fortunate to have had state medalists six years in a row now, with three straight years of having someone in the semi finals. Of our state qualifiers this year, 3 were sophomores (including both medalist) and one was a junior.  Our varsity roster included 1 freshman, 8 sophomores and 1 junior.   I believe we have quality facilities and uniforms.  The local club has had consistent numbers for a number of years now and our largest middle school has had a program dating back to the 70s.  We have hosted them in a dual meet before one of our duals for the last 5 years, which will have to end next year due to the new IHSA policy. 


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