Vendor Information – Brochure Letter


If your company has decided to participate in the AD brochure packet please send your info to the following address:



101 12TH AVE



Please include packing instructions and/or a sample of the way you would like to see your information packaged.


Please send enough info/brochures for 200 packets.


If your company has not decided to take part in our athletic director package option, I would like to encourage you to give some consideration to taking advantage of this option. For an additional $50 your info will be given to every athletic director that registers for this year’s conference.


Information must be sent to me by FRIDAY APRIL 27th 2018.


Feel free to call if you have any questions and/or concerns.


See you in East Peoria!!!


Rich Montgomery

Vendor Chair

815-625-3886 X 234

FAX 815-625-3889