Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Printer Friendly Nomination Form                         


Nomination Petition
Illinois Athletic Directors’ Association

Name of Nominee ______________________________________

Nominee’s Current Address_______________________________

Nominee’s Current Phone_________________________________


    Chronology of Nominee’s Service as Athletic Director at All Schools





Nomination Procedure

Please attach a resume/statement of achievements for each of
the criteria listed below. Please limit each part to a maximum of two single spaced typewritten pages.

Criteria of Nomination

• National
(Indicate the individual’s active promotion of athletics and the State of Illinois
through his/her involvement with NIAAA, the National Federation, and/or NCSSAD.)

(Indicate the individual’s active participation in order to promote the beliefs and
purposes of the IADA, eg. Workshops/state conference presentations, committee
work, and leadership roles within the organization.)

• Local
(Indicate the individual’s active participation in order to promote the values of
athletics and sportsmanship as a viable part of the educational process within the
school and community environment.)


Please include the name, address and phone of person compiling the form.
Return the nomination form to: Steve Haines

Seneca High School
307 East Scott Street
Seneca, IL 61360
Fax (815) 357-5050
e-mail: shaines@senecahs.org

Nominations must be received by Friday, November 24, 2018