Father Harry Jansing Athletic Director of the Year

Year Winner School/District
1975 George Kok Pleasure Ridge Park High
1976 Jock Sutherland Lafayette High
1977 Paul Young St. Xavier High
1978 Paul Young St. Xavier High
1979 Andy Hopkins Fayette County Schools
1980 Fr. Harry Jansing Trinity High
1981 Carlton Anderson Conner High
1982 Bob Miller Campbell County High
1983 Jim Watkins Southern High
1984 Jim Reuther Ballard High
1985 Stan Steidel Dayton High
1986 Bob Jacobs DuPont Manual High
1987 Fr. Harry Jansing Trinity High
1988 Dan Sundberg Hopkinsville High
1989 Tasso Harris Valley High
1990 Bob Jacobs DuPont Manual High
1991 Jim Reuther Ballard High
1992 Stan Steidel Dayton High
1993 Paul Dennison Western High
1994 Kathy Johnston Bourbon County High
1995 Gary Kidwell Lewis County High
1996 Don Webb Bowling Green High
1997 Jim Reuther Ballard High
1998 Bruce Lynch Trinity High
1999 Paul Callahan Seneca High
2000 Karen Vanover Lafayette High
2001 Jimmie Reed Washington County High
2002 Russ Kline Pleasure Ridge Park High
2003 Phil Rison Montgomery County High
2004 Arthur Ballard Estill County High
2005 Jeff Edwards Jeffersontown High
2006 Bill Hill Sayre High
2007 Tom Woofter Pendelton County High
2008 Mitchell Irvin South Oldham High
2009 Gary Fritz Madison Central High
2010 Gale Travis Madisonville North Hopkins High
2011 Ron Madrick Covington Holmes High
2012 Alan Donhoff St. Xavier
2013 Tracy Spickard Franklin County
2014 Charles Patton Ohio County
2015 Jimmy Durham North Laurel
2016 Todd Gilley Henry County