Summer AD Workshop

2016 MSHSAA Annual Summer AD Workshop & New Athletic Directors Workshop

Summer AD Workshop Information

In conjunction with the MSHSAA – the MIAAA will host a Summer AD workshop in Columbia Monday July 25 and July 26.  The following LTI courses will be offered.   The conference schedule will come out soon.

Monday, July 25: – 2pm-6pm

LTC 502 Athletic Administration: Principles, Strategies and Methods

This course takes a basic approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration

and alerts and educates athletic administrators regarding potential problems and possible

solutions in areas such as budgets, transportation, and scheduling and parent/student/coach

conflicts. e course also touches upon sample athletic/activity program philosophies, department

organizational charts, activity procedures/checklist, public relations, coaching applications/

assessments and emergency plans.

Required for: RAA, RMSAA, CAA and CMAA Certification


LTC 611 Athletic Administration: Concepts and Strategies for Interscholastic Fundraising,

Marketing, Promotions and Booster Clubs

This course will provide the athletic administrator with strategies and ideas to successfully

promote and market the school’s interscholastic programs and to enhance the success of

supplemental fund-raising designed to create interest in, increase enthusiasm for, and enhance

the image of, a school’s interscholastic activities program are described. Models

of supplemental fund-raising are summarized, including a focused segment on working

successfully with booster clubs and safeguarding of funds that have been raised. e potential for

raising funds through grants and outreach efforts for major gifts are introduced. Detailed

information related to corporate sponsorship is provided. Appendices include sample materials

that may be utilized for grant and corporate sponsorship applications, marketing plans, and

booster clubs, as well as fund-raising resources.


Tuesday, July 26 – 8am-12pm

LTC 506 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues II (Title IX, Sexual Harassment)

This course has in-depth coverage of compliance issues regarding Title IX and gender equity in

an interscholastic athletic program, including the methodology for a school to perform a Title IX

self-audit, and in-depth coverage of the issues and strategies related to the development of an

effective policy for the prevention of sexual harassment in an interscholastic athletic program.

LTC 790 Athletic Administration: Leadership Training Instructional Methods and Techniques

Since its inception, the integrity of the NIAAA LTI program has been maintained through the

consistent and accurate delivery of course curricula. LTC 790 ensures the consistent and

accurate delivery of all LTI courses by first providing instructors with an awareness of the

expectations that are placed upon them as course instructors, and then by providing instructors

with the appropriate instructional strategies, methods and techniques necessary to properly

deliver the courses to students. Current LTI National Faculty Instructors guide potential LTI

instructors through a series of exercises and interactions that demonstrate best practices for the

successful teaching all LTI courses. To become an LTI instructor, individuals must complete LTC

501, LTC 790 and the course the individual will be instructing.

Required for: LTI instructors